Splitting Up the Pot of Money

Jim Griffin, former director of Geffen's technology group, argues in a story in Britain's The Register that DRM systems are doomed.  "The flow of information once digitzed is anarchy," Griffin explains, "and it can't be controlled."  His solution?  Split up the pot of money fairly by creating a flat-fee model like the one Prof.

Blogs Promote Local Issues

A report in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Local Activists Spread the Word Online, describes the emergence of blogs as a powerful tool in local politics.  The article surveys a range of Texas-area blogs on subjects like education, little-league sports, local businesses, religion, and city council politics.  According to John Palfrey, the rise in blogging about local issues has an effect offline as well as online: "The technology makes it very easy for people to publish quickly and cheaply without an intermediary.

Raid on Kazaa Software Maker

The offices of Sherman Networks Ltd, an Australian company that makes Kazaa P2P software, were raided last week on a search for evidence about potential copyright violations.  A branch of the Australian Recording Industry Association conducted the search -- a move that Prof.

Future of Free Software

Three new reports appeared today about Darl McBride, the CEO of SCO, and his speech at an event sponsored by Harvard's Journal of Law and Technology on Monday night.  John Palfrey comments on the event in a story in the Harvard Crimson.  The Boston Globe's Hiawatha Bray titles his piece, Mr.