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What's Up with Knowledge?

What's Up with Knowledge?

David Weinberger, Berkman Fellow

David Weinberger is a Berkman Center fellow, author, and blogger. David spoke about some of the ideas he's exploring in the book he's writing on knowledge. He says, "The comedian Jon Stewart has become a trusted journalist. Wikipedia is in many instances more reliable and up-to-date than traditional encyclopedias. Web sites let social networks put together their own front pages, ignoring the efforts of the highly trained members of newspaper editorial boards. What the heck is up with knowledge?"

"It's by no means the end of days for knowledge," he says, "but it's no longer limited by the physical ways we've had to manage it in the past." Further, he says, as a culture we are hard at work on building an infrastructure of meaning and understanding.

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Mar 28, 2006
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