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Ethics and Governance of AI Reading List

Our work is designed to catalyze and advance AI in the public interest, with the aim of including a broad set of voices in understanding and addressing the human impacts of AI. The Berkman Klein Center, in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, serves as a collaborative platform through which stakeholders working across disciplines, sectors, and geographies can meet, engage, learn, and share. This document serves as a curated, evolving list of resources related to the topic of the ethics and governance of AI. For more resources and information about the broader community engaged in work related to the ethics and governance of AI, please also check out the Community section on the Ethics and Governance of AI topic page, as well as the Supporters, Collaborators, and Friends page.

Reports on AI

Interesting Links

Materials from Berkman Klein Center Events

Berkman Klein Center Multimedia Resources

A range of people from across our broad community and network have been actively working on issues involving AI and related topic areas as part of their academic and professional work. Their voices reflect distinct and nuanced perspectives on an array of issues that intersect with AI. This initial set of podcasts and videos offers context on diverse challenges and opportunities, and the collection will continue to grow as we add additional voices from our networks.