Below are links shared by members of the Open ePolicy Group as resources on various topics raised in the Roadmap.

Open Standards

Dutch Government Open Standards Catalogue

Denmark’s XML Project

Netherlands Programme for Open Standards and OSS in Government

State of Massachusetts, USA – Open Standards Policy

United Kingdom – Technical standards for e-Government strategy

Interoperability Frameworks

Brazil – Interoperability Framework

Denmark – Interoperability Framework

European Union – European Interoperability Framework

New Zealand E-government Interoperability Framework

Baseline Audits

India - Federal Government’s eGovernment Assessment Framework

Federated Architecture

Government of Canada Federated Architecture Program

Danish Government White Paper on Enterprise Architecture

Open Source Software

Open Source Initiative (OSI)

Government of Canada OSS resources

Malaysia Public Sector’s Open Source Competency Center

Mitsubishi Research Institute - Free/Libre/Open Source Software Asian Developers Online Survey (2004)

SIDA (Sweden) Report on Open Source in Developing Countries

UK - Open Source Report (2001)

Wide Open: Open source methods and their future potential (UK, 2005)

Other Resources

OECD - Policy Brief on “Open Government”,2546,en_2649_34489_34455307_119696_1_1_1,00.html

UNDP-APDIP - Open Regional Dialogue on Internet Governance (ORDIG)

Bob Sutor’s Blog – IBM VP of Standards and Open Source on open technologies