Roadmap now available in Japanese and Portuguese
We now have translations of the Roadmap in two new languages; check our translations page to download.

Archived webcast of Roadmap launch event presentations
In partnership with our hosts at the World Bank, the Berkman Center is pleased to announce the availability of a video archive of the Roadmap launch event in Washington, DC at 9:30 am EST on Friday, September 9, 2005.

Roadmap to be released at launch event September 9
This lively and timely discussion will focus on the key recommendations of the Center’s latest report, the ”Roadmap for Open ICT Ecosystems,’ and will invite your responses on how governments, industry, and civil society can collaborate to build and reap the benefits of open ICT ecosystems.

State of Massachusetts, USA, announces open file format requirement
The state of Massachusetts has laid out a plan to switch all its workers away from Microsoft’s Word, Excel and other desktop software applications, delivering what would be one of the most significant setbacks to the software company's battle against open source software in its home market.