About the Roadmap

This Roadmap – and the best practices and recommendations it provides – represents an unprecedented collaborative effort of senior government officials from thirteen nations, thought leaders from five global organizations, experts from two leading technology companies and academics from one of the world’s most respected universities. Economic growth depends increasingly on information and communications technologies (ICT); countries, enterprises and individuals need to harness this power through collaboration, innovation and development. This report demonstrates, by its process and its outcome, the enormous potential of open collaboration and information sharing.

Presenting relevant and timely information about the benefits and practical use of open technologies, this Roadmap is the first full resource for anyone either designing or implementing open ICT ecosystems. We share how open ICT ecosystems enable efficiency, innovation and growth. Case studies highlight the limitless possibilities. One case details how Denmark has achieved remarkable cost-savings through the government’s use of an open standard. And in India the government has been collaborating with business to promote innovative services within the entrepreneur community based on open architectures. Open standards bind together open ICT ecosystems and drive interoperability.

To evolve to open ICT ecosystems, governments have taken different approaches; our report shares best practices. All agree that success in the use of open environments requires active participation and support from governments. For example, the government of Chile has decreed that all digital documents must conform to an open standard in a pragmatic three-phase rollout. By mandating interoperability and changing procurement policies, government will reap clear economic benefits that support the use of these open processes. Similarly, Japan is revising its laws to dictate that where open standards exist they will be given priority in government procurements. Successful results depend on successful beginnings and we offer you the most comprehensive toolkit available to create your own unique roadmap.

For us, this document will be a catalyst for continued discussions to both learn and educate. We will continue to share with governments and help them understand how they can successfully adopt open standards and develop open ICT ecosystems. We hope that you will also start a dialogue on the benefits of open ICT ecosystems that support open standards and drive growth, innovations and efficiencies.