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Re: [dvd-discuss] "limited times" selectively the gov't"gets it"

I am on my fourth copy of Joni Mitchell blue... (the hand me down from
my sister, the vinyl I bought when I got my first real turntable (not a
$59.99 vinyl grinder), an eight-track I bought for my folks '76 Pacer
(that seen from Wayne's World with Bohemian Rhapsody was too familiar,
don't ask) a CD.

"D. C. Sessions" wrote:

> If you ask my 17yo daughter for her favorite musicians,
> she'll tell you Glenn Miller, Simon, and Garfinkle.
> She's taking an interest in the music *I* grew up with
> now, but it's not at all easy to get it for her.

There is hope for America -- at our place the list includes Pink Floyd,
Brubeck, various Neo-bop jazz "fake book" classics (night in tunisia, a
train, etc.), Kansas, Bach, Mozart, America, Raymond Scott, and Larry
Norman (bonus points for anyone who recognizes that name).

Not all modern music is hopeless.  More recent titles worth listening
(IMHO) india.arie, Switchfoot, Creed (either of the first two), Natalie
Merchant, Dave Matthews (esp Under the table), more obscurely (and less
recently) stuff like Portishead, and the Cocteau Twins (who are neither
named Cocteau nor are they twins. Even more obscurely -- new "sacred"
music from Deliriou5 and Third Day.

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> | Because the slow, feeble old codgers like me cheat.                |

"Age and treachery will always win out over youth and strength."