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RE: [dvd-discuss] Copyright Renewal Amendment

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On Tue, 22 Oct 2002, Kroll, Dave wrote:

>Ooo!  I know the (other side's) answer to this one.
>Obviously, you still own the copyright if you can't make copies.  
>After all, you still have the right to bypass a protection mechanism 
>even if you can't get the tools, or the right to swim even
>if you can't get to the water...

In fact, this is a rather amusing analogy, as David Geffen (Geffen
records, and therefore RIAA) is one of the "bad guys" in the "open access
to beaches" movement. :)

>David Kroll
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>On 17 Oct 2002 at 9:42, John Zulauf wrote:
>> (V) The last section is to ensure that the source code, master
>> multitrack tapes, computer animation data files and the like are
>> preserved.  I know for a fact the that the unpublished models of classic
>> early computer animation are rotting ( the tape has only a 10 year life
>> ) in the file cabinets of places like Lucas and Disney.  In 95 years,
>> the Tron database will be lost forever.  In 95 years, the DOS code base
>> will be lost forever.  Finally, the "mechanically derivative" works
>> clause is an honesty clause... software that in 20 years old can't just
>> be commingled with new code and gain new protection.
>Agreed...LOC and COngress hasn't addressed the preservation
>issue...OTOH...if in 20 yrs the estate of George Lucas
>can't reconstruct the lates Star Wars epic....it's also their
>loss....(somebody may have a VHS tape around...but then they own the
>even if they can't produce a copy....<If one cannot produce a copy, can one
>own a copyright? IANAL>
>> Thought, comments.

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