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RE: [dvd-discuss] Copyright Renewal Amendment

Ooo!  I know the (other side's) answer to this one.

Obviously, you still own the copyright if you can't make copies.  
After all, you still have the right to bypass a protection mechanism 
even if you can't get the tools, or the right to swim even
if you can't get to the water...


David Kroll

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On 17 Oct 2002 at 9:42, John Zulauf wrote:

> (V) The last section is to ensure that the source code, master
> multitrack tapes, computer animation data files and the like are
> preserved.  I know for a fact the that the unpublished models of classic
> early computer animation are rotting ( the tape has only a 10 year life
> ) in the file cabinets of places like Lucas and Disney.  In 95 years,
> the Tron database will be lost forever.  In 95 years, the DOS code base
> will be lost forever.  Finally, the "mechanically derivative" works
> clause is an honesty clause... software that in 20 years old can't just
> be commingled with new code and gain new protection.

Agreed...LOC and COngress hasn't addressed the preservation
issue...OTOH...if in 20 yrs the estate of George Lucas
can't reconstruct the lates Star Wars epic....it's also their
loss....(somebody may have a VHS tape around...but then they own the
even if they can't produce a copy....<If one cannot produce a copy, can one
own a copyright? IANAL>
> Thought, comments.