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Re: [dvd-discuss] "limited times" selectively the gov't "gets it"

I was thinking this exact same thing when NPR had a sound bite with Bush
talking about generic drugs. I imagined the word "patent" replaced with the
word "copyright".

The drug companies have developed expansive legal tactics (shenanigans?) to
extend profitable expiring drug patents.

The reason that it is a noticable issue is that this affects seniors
directly who love to vote. So it really is hard for a politician to ignore
their voice.


So when it comes to medicine, politicians listen. Copyright goes to the
highest bidder^errr  campaign contributor^errr political supporter.


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Subject: [dvd-discuss] "limited times" selectively the gov't "gets it"

> Compare and contrast to copyright:
> New rules proposed to keep down the costs of prescription drugs, and
> limit the abuse of the Copyright Clause.
> http://www.cnn.com/2002/ALLPOLITICS/10/21/bush.generic.drugs/index.html
> Perhaps we need something similar to the prescription drug issue:
> The cost of education due to textbooks and other royalty fees?  (most 20
> year math books would make at good reference for extra math.  Calculus
> hasn't change much in that time, nor have the first year of college
> chemistry, physics, et. al.)
> Global competitiveness -- "little Johnny U. Ess  can't compete with
> (name foreign country to fear economically here) because all of his
> multimedia tools are all locked down with DRMs."
> The choir directors and community orchestras don't seem to have made an
> impact in Eldred (in terms of the public debate) -- maybe the
> "education" issue could be used more effectively.
> ..002 -- as he wonders aloud yet again, if the reason few care about
> copyrights is that (a) it's still easy to scofflaw copyright and (b)
> none of this stuff is related to food, clothing, shelter level survival
> issues (like prescription drugs are).