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[dvd-discuss] "limited times" selectively the gov't "gets it"

Compare and contrast to copyright:

New rules proposed to keep down the costs of prescription drugs, and
limit the abuse of the Copyright Clause.


Perhaps we need something similar to the prescription drug issue:

The cost of education due to textbooks and other royalty fees?  (most 20
year math books would make at good reference for extra math.  Calculus
hasn't change much in that time, nor have the first year of college
chemistry, physics, et. al.)

Global competitiveness -- "little Johnny U. Ess  can't compete with
(name foreign country to fear economically here) because all of his
multimedia tools are all locked down with DRMs."

The choir directors and community orchestras don't seem to have made an
impact in Eldred (in terms of the public debate) -- maybe the
"education" issue could be used more effectively.

.002 -- as he wonders aloud yet again, if the reason few care about
copyrights is that (a) it's still easy to scofflaw copyright and (b)
none of this stuff is related to food, clothing, shelter level survival
issues (like prescription drugs are).