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Below is a collection of articles for further reading on the topic of Open Access.
For the latest news in the area check out the news section.

bullet3.gif (922 bytes)  Broadband Roadmap:  how fast, how much how soon. (Apr 20, 2000)  > Read Article

bullet3.gif (922 bytes)   Innovation, Regulation, and The Internet, by Lawrence Lessig (From the American Prospect, Apr 10,  2000)

bullet3.gif (922 bytes)   "Net Loss" by Dan Kennedy.  Boston Phoenix, Jan 7, 00

bullet3.gif (922 bytes) A short article  describing the issues involved in the Open Access debate, in particular in Pittsboughh  >  Read Article

bullet3.gif (922 bytes)   ISPs ask FCC to require Open Cable Access. (Jan 21, 1999). >  Read Article

bullet3.gif (922 bytes)   Opinion survey shows 75% of Seattle and King County, WA voters want Open Access to cable.   >  Read about it

  The merged MCI Worldcom - Sprint commits to opening access to all network services.   The merged company will design its broadband wireless network to be capable of supporting Internet service provider choice by implementing open access to its network wherever wholesale capacity is available; (Jan 12, 2000).  >  Read about it.

  From Microsoft: The activists, with AT&T and the FCC squarely in their sights, called for a national policy requiring broadband cable infrastructure to be open to any ISP that wants to offer its customers high-speed Internet access.   >  Read about it from Microsoft

  Lawrence Lessig discusses  The Cable Debate (II) ,in  The Industry Standard Pt II, July,  1999.   >   A related Slashdot discussion.

 Recent market statistics and projections indicate an exponential growth of the Internet use and access.  Even though, currently, only a small percentage of the market for online access, innumerable articles have either implicitly or explicitly suggested  that nothing less than the future of the Net is at stake with regard to the issue of "open access" via cable connections.

"It's the Architecture, Mr. Chairman" by Lawrence Lessig

Overview of Cable Modem Technology and Services explains the workins of Cable TV Primers and Cable Modem Access Networks, discusses Cable Internet Service Delivery, Shared Network Platform Performance, Cable Modem Service Availability, and Telephone-Return Path Solutions.

Cable Blackmail"  by Lawrence Lessig

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