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Open Access News Archive

For more recent news look in our news section.  For further reading on this topic check out the reading room.

*  AT&T Gives a Little on Open Access, 
by Elizabeth Wasserman, Industry Standard, December 6, 1999.

*  All Aboard? AT&T Open Its Cable (to Some)
Industry Standard, December 6, 1999

*  "Net Loss",
Dan Kennedy, in The Boston Phoenix, January 7, 2000.

*  Broadband Blackmail,
Lawrence Lessig, The Industry Standard June, 1999

*  U.S. Supreme Court revives telephone competition rules -- By Rob Reynolds CNBC January 25 1999

*  ISP's Demand Cable-TV Access -- By Joanna Glasner
Wired Magazine, January 20 1999

*  ISP group pushes for open access -- By Corey Grice
CNET January 20, 1999

*  Oregon Cable Regulators open @home ISP delivery from Interactive Week -- by Randy Barnett
ZDNet-- 12/22/98 by Randy Barnett

*  Seattle Times --
Battle brews over access on TCI's network

*  ZDNet Interactive week --
ISPs push for open cable networks

*  The Wall Street Journal (via MSNBC) By Bryan Gruley --
Outcome of battle in Oregon stands to shape e-commerce

*  FCC Broadband Proposal Draws Criticism

For more on this topic check out the current news section and the collection of articles at the reading room

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