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bullet3.gif (922 bytes)  What is open law?

Openlaw is an experiment in crafting legal argument in an open forum.

With your assistance, we will develop arguments, draft pleadings, and edit briefs in public, online.

bullet3.gif (922 bytes)   Who can contribute?

Non-lawyers and lawyers alike are invited to join the process by adding thoughts to the "brainstorm" outlines, drafting and commenting on drafts in progress, and suggesting reference sources.  Openlaw is a large project built through the coordinated effort of many contributions.

bullet3.gif (922 bytes)   Why is this a good idea?

Building on the model of open source software, we are working from the hypothesis that an open development process best harnesses the distributed resources of the Internet community.

By using the Internet, we hope to enable the public interest to speak as loudly as the interests of corporations.

Openlaw is therefore a large project built through the coordinated effort of many contributions.

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