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Colin McRoberts

To Colin, Harvard is seafood pit-stop in a barbeque life. Born in Texas, he grew up in a small West Texas town and went to college in San Antonio, where he decided to live somewhere a little cooler. He moved to Russia for a while but returned to Texas to finish college. Boston seemed like a nice place for a law school that wasn't as hot as Texas or as cold as Russia and is working out just fine for Colin. His interests include writing autobiographies and naming his interests, which include technology, sculpture, wildlife, pretentious Spanish guitar, and naming his own interests.

Geron Gadd

Geron, a third year law student, is currently researching conflicts of law issues pertaining to file sharing protocols.

Filip Wejman

Filip Wejman is an assistant at the Chair of Civil Law at the Jagiellonian University (JU) in Krakow, Poland. Right now, he's an LL.M. candidate at HLS. He is one of the founding members of the JU Polish-German Center for Banking Law. Filip sits on the board of the Legal Clinics' Foundation. With his friends he edits a quarterly law review TRANSFORMACJE. He is involved in several international teaching projects: managing the JU School of American Law, launching the first American LL.M. program in Krakow, and teaching Polish law in Ukraine. You can read more about these projects here. Filip's interest is private law, especially contracts. In the area of cyber law, he researches and writes about electronic signatures. At the Think Tank, Filip is researching the influence of the standard terms in copyright and software law on the cyberspace and if this phenomenon can or should be controlled in any way.

Kiwi Camara

Kiwi Camara's research interests are in corporate law and private international law. At the Berkman Center, he is working on a paper on the objectives--effectuation of local policy--and constraints--natural and imposed costs of sovereignty--that states and other sovereigns face in setting their private international law. He concentrated in computer science and mathematics as an undergraduate; but his plans to pursue a Ph.D. in computer science were derailed when he took a course in constitutional law and decided to come to the law school instead. At Harvard, Mr. Camara is also John M. Olin Fellow in Law & Economics, and Fellow in the Program on Corporate Governance. He is currently co-chairman of the Student Affairs Committee of the Harvard Graduate Council, the student government for Harvard's ten graduate and professional schools; and he competes for Harvard as a member of the Harvard-Radcliffe Ballroom Dance Club. Mr. Camara was a law clerk at Irell & Manella during his 1L summer, where he worked on patent litigation and other intellectual property matters; took a position as Professor (Adjunct) of Law during his 2L summer; and will be clerking for The Honorable Harris L. Hartz on the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit during the 2004 - 2005 term.

Himanshu Sinha

Himanshu is a civil servant of the Indian Revenue Service with six years of experience as tax administrator behind him. He was educated in Deoghar, Delhi and London. As a student in Law School he wrote a dissertation exploring and critiquing the Cultural and Educational rights of Minorities under the Indian Constitution. He was the Gurukul Chevening scholar at the London School of Economics in 2001 where he worked on a project on Legality of War on Terrorism under International Law. As an LL.M student at Harvard, he is also affiliated with its International Tax Program. At the Berkman Center he is researching the concept of “Permanent Establishment” in the context of Taxation of E-commerce and Internet transactions. Himanshu is a keen theater aficionado and sometime was the theater critic of the Times of India, a leading Indian daily.


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