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Important Program Information

Please note that the iLaw 2011 Program is a Harvard Law School class that is closed to the public. Attendance is restricted to registered students and invited guests.

Discussion List

Before, during, and after the program, all iLaw attendees are welcome to participate in discussions on the listserv (ilaw2011[--at--] Please note that any emails sent to this address will be forwarded to all 200+ participants.

Twitter Tags

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Pillar Themes of iLaw
Open Systems/Access · Online Liberty and FOE
The Changing Internet: Cybersecurity · Intellectual Property
Digital Humanities · Cooperation · Privacy
Cross-sectional Themes of iLaw
The History of the Internet
The Global Internet · Interoperability
The Study of the Internet: New Methods for New Technologies
The Future of the Internet
Case Studies
Digital Libraries, Archives, and Rights Registries
Exploring the Arab Spring · Minds for Sale
User Innovation · Mutual Aid
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Old iLaw Videos · Mid-Point Check-in

We’ll use tags to help find photos, blog posts and more created by conference attendees. The universal tag is #ilaw2011.


The Facebook event group is open to anyone. If you’re on Facebook, you can meet other conference attendees on our group event page. Become a fan of the Berkman Center.


IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. For Hyper-public, we’ll be using IRC to create a Berkman chat channel. To join the chat, download an IRC client and join the Berkman channel at Freenode, linked below. If you use Firefox, an easy IRC client plugin is Chatzilla.

   ::IRC tutorial

YouTube Channel

On Berkman’s YouTube channel, you can catch highlights of past events, interviews, and other Berkman media.

Live Question Tool

Live Question Tool is a web-based service that lets audience members post questions for the speaker or for other participants. As questions are added, other participants can submit comments and cast votes for the questions they hope to see answered first. The Question Tool is hosted on Berkman's website, where it is freely available to anyone who wants to use it.

We have set up an up an "iLaw instance" for the Question tool which will be monitored by students throughout the sessions.

Select "iLaw instance" from the drop-down menu and click "Submit Query".
Click "post a question" to add new questions, or click "reply" to respond to questions already posted.
Input your question/reply and submit!

"Discussion" Pages on the Wiki

Each page on the iLaw wiki contains a "Discussion" page (or talk page). Registered users are permitted to add and edit text to these pages. The discussion pages will be used as Sign-up sheets for events and as pages for general discussion. We encourage all participants to add questions, links to news articles, general comments, or discuss topics with one another!

For questions related to editing or using the iLaw wiki email David O'Brien, or consult the MediaWiki Handbook.

Click on the "Discussion" tab
Click on the "Edit" tab
Add your edits and click "Save Page"!

Driving Questions on the Wiki

Faculty members have shared a number of driving questions that reflect fundamental inquiries to consider during the iLaw 2011 Program. All participants are invited to share their own driving questions.