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[[Program_Schedule#Thursday.2C_September_8.2C_2011|Thursday, 10:30am-12:00pm
Format: Introductory Lecture, Lightning Presentations and Moderated Discussion
Leads: Jeffrey Schnapp and Jesse Shapins, featuring Urs Gasser
Participants: Joseph Bergen, James Burns, Zamyla Chan, Jake Levine, Kara Oehler, Kyle Parry, Robert Gerard Pietrusko, Joana Pimenta, Julia Yezbick

This pillar session will address the current state of digital humanities, an umbrella term for new modes of scholarship that emphasize collaborative, trans-disciplinary, computationally-engaged research, teaching, and dissemination. Digital Humanities is less a unified field than an array of convergent practices that explore a universe in which print is no longer the normative medium in which knowledge is produced and disseminated; digital tools, techniques, and media have expanded traditional concepts of knowledge in the arts, human and social sciences. The session will address fundamental questions such as: How can traditional humanities skills be reshaped in multimedia terms? How and by whom will the contours of cultural and historical memory be defined in the digital era? How might practices of digital storytelling coincide or diverge from oral or print-based storytelling? What is the place of humanitas in a networked world?

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