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No businesses in the community operate websites.

There is little awareness of online business, and all dealings between businesses and consumers consist of oral and/or paper-based transactions.

Some local businesses operate websites. The basic information they provide is static and infrequently updated.

Some businesses accept orders placed by telephone or fax.

Some businesses distribute hard-copy catalogs for remote browsing of goods and services.

Many businesses post key information on websites. Information is often not kept current and relevant.

Websites provide information on goods and services for sale. Purchases take place primarily in person, by fax or by telephone, though electronic mail may expedite the process. Some businesses may have introduced online ordering.

Many businesses in the community have incorporated the World Wide Web into their sales, marketing, and customer service systems.

The total volume of online retail is a noticeable component of the community's commercial activity, as may be evidenced by advertisements for commercial websites in traditional media and other indicators.

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