Getting Started

This Guide is both an educational resource that describes the determinants of a community’s Readiness for the Networked World, and a diagnostic tool that systematically examines those factors to assess a community’s Readiness. 

The Guide’s text explains how each factor influences the adoption and use of information and communication technologies, and the assessment offers indicators to suggest the community’s actual state of Readiness. While the text and assessment sections are separate in the online version of the Guide, they should be considered together, because each area complements the other to foster a comprehensible and practical understanding of Readiness.

The numerous links between the text and the assessment portion of the site allow you to move around however you like. For example, you may wish to read the entire text before going through the assessment. Alternatively, you may prefer to alternate between the text and assessment. You may want to answer the questions on the assessment, or simply look at the indicators.

In the assessment, you may answer one question at a time or all of them consecutively. In order to remind yourself how you answered a particular question, check your progress, or see your cumulative score, just click on "View My Readiness for the Networked World". You may do this as often as you like.

As long as your browser’s cookies are turned on, any responses you submit in the assessment will be retained until you close your browser. To change an answer, simply resubmit the page with your new answer.

The online version of the Guide is still being developed, and we encourage you to submit any reactions you have on the content or presentation to the webmaster.


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