What Is the Networked World?

Ever-evolving and increasingly powerful information and communication technologies (ICTs) have fundamentally changed the nature of global relationships, sources of competitive advantage and opportunities for economic and social development. Technologies such as the Internet, personal computers and wireless telephony have turned the globe into an increasingly interconnected network of individuals, firms, schools and governments communicating and interacting with each other through a variety of channels. 

The explosion of this technologically mediated global network has resulted in a world in which virtually everyone, everywhere, has the potential to reap the benefits of connectivity to the network.

The Networked World is:

An artisan in a rural village using her community center's computer to sell handicrafts on the World Wide Web.

Healthcare workers accessing online databases to research recent health advisories.

Students in different countries collaborating on a science project over the World Wide Web.

Programmers creating customized software for distant clients through the Internet.

Government procurement officers using the World Wide Web for purchases and contracts.

A farmer using a wireless handheld device to research market prices.

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