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An important part of the Berkman Center's study of representation in cyberspace is public participation. We are asking a broad series of questions -- first collecting responses from a subset of volunteers, then sending a sample of those responses to the lists to spark and focus general discussion. We are sending questions every three to four days, and reading the lists to follow conversation there.



(1) By what criteria should the success of the BCIS membership study be judged?
Digest, Full text responses
(2) There are many different conceptions of what ICANN as an organization should do, and as many different visions of what membership will entail. To get a deeper understanding of those visions, we ask: What should ICANN do for its members, and what will members do for the organization?
We will be posting responses here and sending digested versions to the public lists for further discussion. We hope that such an iterative discussion process will help us to generate new questions and analyses.
Collected responses, unedited.


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