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The Berkman team combined a number of qualitative research methodologies into our report. Foundational to our work was an extensive review of a diverse range of publicly available materials, including public comments, ICANN documents, academic studies, media reports, and expert opinions. We also conducted primary research, including structured questionnaire-based and telephone interviews with ICANN staff, experts and stakeholder representatives.


In addition to publicly available sources, the case studies were informed by the observations of a selected, diverse group of stakeholders and experts who were interviewed during the course of our analysis. These interviews provide an important supplemental source of information because they convey observations regarding the perception and interpretation of ICANN decisions by the broader community, in addition to confirming the facts of each case. The statements of interviewees do not reflect the opinions or conclusions of the Berkman team.

As per our Interview protocol (PDF), all interviews were conducted on the condition of confidentiality. Comprehensive notes were taken during the interviews and subsequently summarized for the research team. The names of the interviewees have been removed from the notes and summaries. These summaries are therefore the aggregated and anonymized version of those notes.


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Please refer to the disclosures in the Berkman Center's final report (PDF).