Case Studies

The case studies are qualitative and exploratory, based on an extensive review of a diverse range of publicly available materials including public comments, ICANN documents, academic studies, media reports, and expert opinions. In addition to the review of public submissions, inputs included, among other things, extensive Web and database searches aimed at identifying case-specific materials from various sources, including ICANN’s website. Each case study provides detailed references to such specific materials in the footnotes. As per the Services Agreement (PDF), the case studies focus on events prior to June 17, 2010. However, some of the issues touched on in the case studies are still evolving. As such, the studies may not reflect the most recent developments in the case.

The case studies guided the identification of key issues, including challenges and opportunities, as well as the discussion of possible improvements.

  1. The Introduction of New gTLDs (PDF)
  2. The .xxx Domain Case and ICANN Decision-Making Processes (PDF)
  3. The DNS-CERT Proposal (PDF)