Standards Committee Teleconference 2008 09 24

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Standards Committee Teleconference Call Notes

Drafted by Joe Andrieu, September 24, 2008

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  • Joe Andrieu
  • Eve Maler
  • Drummond Reed
  • Iain Henderson

Previous Action Items

  1. Additional thoughts to one night stand notes to VRM wiki. Eve. By next Wednesday. (transformed into this meeting)
  2. Close loop with and Doc and finalize Oct mtg date. Joe. By next Wednesday. (DONE)
  3. Close loop with Doc regarding week in October - Joe - DONE
  4. Berkman conference room lined up for Public Media crew on Friday October 17. Still awaiting word on the meeting for the two days before that. May not know where we'll be for a couple of weeks while Berkman works out its own new space issues. Meanwhile we're looking elsewhere as well - Doc
  5. Put up new diagram on functional spec page - Doc - DONE.
  6. Send rbutton meeting information - Joe - By next rbutton meeting (DONE)


  1. Set Agenda
  2. Review previous Action Items
  3. R-button
  4. PAM
  5. Review Action Items


R-button Spec Work

Let's get more integrated with the r-button efforts. They've been open to our input. Joe will add some stuff to the wiki in that area.

An hour next week with Drummond and Iain, writing up r-buttons in a larger context than just PayChoice.

Future Agenda Topics

  1. Discuss the distinctions between a Service Endpoint and a Service Manager.


User Journey

The seven or eight steps a typical user would do. Not so much a technical specification, but a tool to help design the customer experience.

Eve wrote up a "current experience", a shopping trip to Staples, which has some illumination for what we are doing. What do you do? What permissions you give, what data, what terms you have to accept. All the ways this is unsatisfying today. She will send this out to the standards list as an "anti-scenario".

Interesting note: we have tools and social etiquette for sharing with friends, but none for sharing with companies, e.g., Eve sending her sister a picture of herself in a possible new outfit, for feedback. We don't have the ways to do that with companies, either as "companies" or to individuals within companies.

One Night Stand

A one-stop shopping experience with a VRM compliant online vendor.

  1. Setup Personal Datastore with appropriate information
  2. Shopping (window shopping, online or offline)
  3. Selection (product(s) chosen, put in a shopping cart, minimal exposure: IP)
  4. Checkout (Start to Purchase)
    1. Specify One Night Stand Terms
      1. Data Usage Policy
      2. Data Retention/Destruction Policy
      3. Data Security
      4. (see Liberty Privacy Constraints draft spec)
      5. (see XDI Global Services requirements for iBrokers
    2. Shipping Data
    3. Billing Data
    4. Negotiate/Accept Terms of Sale
    5. [Sale is consummated]
  5. Post-Sale Auditing/Compliance Messaging

Action Items

  • Check in with Asa - Joe - By Monday
  • R-button notes from Boston onto the Functional Spec - Joe - By Tuesday
  • r-button spec work meeting in London - Drummond & Iain - Next Week
  • Iain's user journey -- Iain -- By Monday

Next Meeting

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