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Standards Committee Teleconference Call Notes

Drafted by Joe Andrieu, October 8, 2008

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  • Joe Andrieu
  • Drummond Reed
  • Asa Hardcastle

Previous Action Items

  • Check in with Asa - Joe - By Monday
  • R-button notes from Boston onto the Functional Spec - Joe - By Tuesday
  • r-button spec work meeting in London - Drummond & Iain - Next Week
  • Iain's user journey -- Iain -- By Monday


  1. Set Agenda
  2. Review previous Action Items
  3. R-button
  4. PAM
  5. Review Action Items


Action Items

Next Meeting

Face to Face Meeting in Boston

ProjectVRM Standards Committee Open Meeting
October 15th and 16th , 2008
Harvard University

I'd like to officially invite participants to the first Standards Committee Open Meeting. 
This will be a focused, technical  discussion and implementation day. We will work on 
practical definitions and specifications for working code, then code.  

This is an Open Meeting. Everyone who is interested in contributing is welcome to join. 
RSVP to 

If you can sling code or design graphics, especially for web services (HTML, CSS, 
javascript, PHP, perl, Ruby, XUL, SQL, etc.),  bring a laptop and join us on the 16th 
as we dive into the details of a functioning VRM prototype.  


October 15th PAM and r-button specifications
The morning will be focused on the Personal Address Manager specification, fleshing 
out the One Night Stand User Journey. The  afternoon will be focused on the r-button 
specification, with the goal of a clear User Journey that is compatible with the VRM
PayChoice initiative for Public Media.

October 16th r-button implementation day
This entire day will be coding and implementing a functional prototype of the key
ideas behind the r-button. Actual details will be driven by the work of the afternoon
of the 15th with the additional goal of complementing an iPhone-based demo of PayChoice,
to the extent possible.

Public Media Workshop
On October 17th ProjectVRM will be hosting a Public Media Workshop (also in Boston), 
organized by Keith Hopper and Doc Searls.  We hope to share some of our work with this audience.

Location and timing details are being worked out, so please RSVP to me directly if you would like to  join us. I'll send a detailed schedule and 
location information as things develop.