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Online Profiling
Employees Privacy on the Net
Governmental Collection of Data - Part I
Governmental Collection of Data - Part II
Cryptography and other Self-Help Mechanisms

Information Privacy In Cyberspace Transactions, 50 Stanford Law Review 1193 (April 1998) by Jerry Kang
Simpson Garfinkel, Database Nation (2000).
Science, Privacy, and Freedom: Issues and Proposals for the 1970's, 66 Colum. L. Rev 1003 (1966) by Alan F. Westin
Privacy and Community, 9 Social Theory and Practice 1 (1983)(develops values of privacy) by Keith Boone

Online Profiling:
Who Leads at Half-Time? Three Conflicting Versions of Internet Privacy Policy, by Karl Belgum
The Death of Privacy? by A. Michael Froomkin
Establishing a Legitimate Expectation of Privacy in Clickstream Data, by Gavin Skok, Michigan Telecommunications & Technology Law Review 2000

Workplace Privacy:
BETWEEN BIG BROTHER AND THE BOTTOM LINE: PRIVACY IN CYBERSPACE (article by Seth Safier in Virginia Journal of Law & Technology, Spring 2000)



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