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Zak Greant


My name is Zak Greant and I've tired of writing things in the third person (at least for today.)

I own a strategic consultancy called Foo Associates where we help technology organizations adapt to and thrive on the electronic frontier. We're a tiny shop, but we have great clients (like eZ, Mozilla & Navarik.)

The Net has been a part of my daily life for more than a decade now - most of my adult life, in fact. After dropping out of high school, then cooking school, the Net was a gateway to tremendous opportunity and wonder. Like all tools, it wasn't the Net that mattered so much - instead it was what the Net let people do that was the true alchemy.

I've been an active participant in many Free Software/Open Source communities, from PHP (my first love, who I still have the occasional fling with) to MySQL (where I worked as MySQL AB's community advocate to volunteering at the Free Software Foundation's License Compliance Lab Team.

I'm participating in and organizing this symposium on behalf of the Mozilla Foundation. I want to help us find effective ways to fulfill our manifesto and to further develop our vision of what we are and what we stand for.

Personally, I've taken a great interest in how the development of the Net parallels prior changes in communication. See an in-progress version of my thoughts at I want to develop and discuss these ideas and to use them to help refine our views of what the Net is.

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