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The Internet as Public Good Symposium focuses on the Net as public good, the Net for public good and the Net of public goods. (For more thoughts on this, read The Meaning of the Net as a Public Good)

Through the symposium, we work to improve the understanding of the meaning of the Net in our near-global society and to use this knowledge to help further our own work and the work of others.

Visit the schedule to get an overview of the discussion topics. To help focus the discussions, we've asked participants to prepare edge cases - brief synopses of situations that help us find an edge of the Net or illuminate some aspect of the Net.

The symposium will be held on the Harvard Business School campus in Boston, MA, USA, on July 30-31, 2007. We will be in Cumnock 220 for the entire session. Here is a map of the campus.

During the symposium, we will publish synopses and notes of the various discussions. After the symposium, we hope to distribute a summary of the outcomes of the symposium and next steps.


The symposium is sponsored and produced by The Berkman Center for Internet & Society @ Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School and The Mozilla Foundation.

The event is organized and chaired by Amar Ashar, Colin Maclay and David Weinberger from the Berkman Center, Karim Lakhani from Harvard Business School, and Frank Hecker and Zak Greant from the Mozilla Foundation. Additionally, Rochelle DeForrest of the Mozilla Corp. and Susan Thyne of Harvard Business School have helped arrange logistics for the event.

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