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11-24-08 iif


Application process was amazing

Enormous number of applications ... :(

List: discussion not announce

It would take a lot for the list to feel spammy
Official license to post to the list

Introductions: this group rocks

Stuck: deliberating groups on the internet, when do they get stuck, how do you get tools to improve them Rumors, false beliefs

How are Jefferson's Yeoman farmers able to create the informal internet

Real people have problem, and we're interested in solving it

Dialog and closure

1/2 mindshare, 'changes in technology and protocols'

Honing topic, how to process the problem of the week

pick the weekly audience of the problem

Practices; how best to operate class (students define)

Main goal is to have flexability in developing these materials, get collective intelligence going in this group.

Class wiki, it's easy to edit the wiki!

Feel free to add on topics

((Now going to write notes on the wiki))

Traffic Control experiment

'Do you think that cambridge would do well in taking out traffic controls?'
Is it cultural? Germany does well in having no speed limits.
Should we have a Tivo for distributed up-mod/down-mod

Is it self selecting culturally? Do good-actors on wikipedia become bad-actors on WoW?