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About me

Electrical, computer, and software engineer; education and open-source geek. I spend most of my spare cycles on Sugar Labs and OLPC. I also live elsewhere on the internet.

What I do

I'm part of the All Together Now For Great Justice Dot Org team, the only law-student-less group in this law school class.

I'm on the IIF organizing team and (one of) the de-facto tech geek(s) of the class, which means I make sure teams have all the funky tech stuff that they need for their pedagogical experiments while discussing internet frontiers issues and send out weekly reminders to keep things kicking along.

I'm not a law student. I'm not even a Harvard student. Or a student, for that matter. These kinds of things turn out not to matter that much here, thankfully. ;) I am, however, good at being shameless about asking stupid questions. I want to learn more about the law, and am willing to look silly in order to make that happen. It's kind of fun that way.


Why am I here? The internet was the first place I could have group conversations - I'm hearing impaired, and lipreading doesn't scale well - so while people talk about translating what they know about conversations IRL to the web, I'm listening and trying to figure out how to go in the opposite direction. Besides, the chance to toss around ideas on the internet about how the internet can be used to talk about the internet (and how it can be used to talk about the internet...) had too meta for me to pass it up.