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Author 1 Author 2 Year Title Source Expertise
Anderson, Ross J. 2008 Security Engineering Book Technology:Low; Cryptography:Low
Camp, L. Jean Lewis, Stephen 2004 Economics of Information Security Book Economics:High
Clarke, Richard A. Knake, Robert 2010 Cyber War Book None
Grady, Mark F. Parisi, Francesco 2006 The Law and Economics of Cybersecurity Book Economics:Low; Law:Low
Johnson, Eric M. 2008 Managing Information Risk and the Economics of Security Book Economics:High
Kramer, Franklin D., et. al 2009 Cyberpower and National Security Book None
Schneier, Bruce 2003 Beyond Fear Book None
Schneier, Bruce 2008 Schneier on Security Book None
Zittrain, Jonathan L. 2008 The Future of the Internet and How To Stop It Book None
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