Economics of Information Security

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Economics of Information Security

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L. Jean Camp and Stephen Lewis, Economics of Information Security (2004).

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Key Words

Cybersecurity as an Externality, Cybersecurity as a Public Good, Identity Fraud/Theft, Information Asymmetries, Tragedy of Commons,


Economics of Information Security applies economics not to generate breakthroughs in theoretical economics, but rather breakthroughs in understanding the problems of security. Security, privacy and trusted computing are examined distinctly, using the tools of economics, and as elements of a larger dynamic system. The authors apply classical economic theory to cyber security issues such as capping computer vulnerabilities through trading in vulnerability credits, the economics of disclosure and the cost of privacy.

Economics of Information Security is designed for researchers and managers struggling to understand the risks in organizations dependent on secure networks. This book is also suitable for students in computer science, policy and management.

Additional Notes and Highlights

Expertise Required: Economics - High

Table of Contents and first two plus chapters.