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Re: [dvd-discuss]Reasonable or is it a Good Faith Belief ala DMCA

microlenz@earthlink.net wrote:
> This afternoon my dial in internet connection was getting whacked by some KAZAA
> user ( mostly and his cronies there about). Presumably someone used
> my previous IP address for KAZAA activities. So what if the RIAA and MPAA
> suddenly discover that someone has been polling me using KAZAA and decides "if
> he's being asked for KAZAA info he must have some!" get Jack and the Internet
> Jackboots out there immediately. The facts are that I am not. My firewall has
> been rejecting the over 400 incoming packets. I got tired of the the whole
> thing and disconnected and reconnected. Now I only have had one Bozo's NETBIOS
> request.
> SO the question is what constitute or should a good faith belief under the
> DMCA. WE all know about DNS and all that and it's pretty obvious what's
> happened. SO it is unreasonable that given the KAZAA requests I have turned
> away that I am engaged in P2P but should ignorance by the RIAA and MPAA legal
> staff of technical matters constitute "good faith"?

To my mind your post raises some excellent questions.  I often struggle
with my ISP because
they refuse to let me send mail from a "private" address.  Yet if I were
to send mail from
a public address, I am a sitting duck for all kinds of IP spoofing
attacks.  And if I use
their SMTP server as they want, then I can't have my own domain without
paying them for what
I can already do without them using free software (ISC Bind, Apache,
NetBSD OS, etc.)

The bottom line is that the commercialization of the Intenet is
destroying its value.
Many of the basic services that made the Internet great are now being
filtered by various
ISP's.   E-mail seems to be the last straw... when they finally succeed
in filtering that,
the Internet will be almost useless.

My contention is that the openness of the Internet is a necessary
condition of its value.
When the Internet becomes as safe and as closed as a corporate network,
it will also be as 
boring as one.  Box-like websites will dominate the horizon, and no free
music or software
will be available.  If and when we ever reach that point, I'm going to
take down my websites
and disconnect from the Internet, because it will no longer be worth the
monthly fee to my ISP.

The reactionary steps taken by ISP's to filter various traffic are
themselves more of a problem
than the traffic they are filtering.  These security-crazed folks are
destroying the very
Internet they are trying to protect.  I realize that this opinion may
not rest well with 
those of you who make a living in the security industry, but as a former
employee of a security
software company I feel qualified to hold this opinion.  I feel that I
have seen a gradual
decrease in the value of the Internet, proportional to the number of
security and "anti piracy"
measures in place.  Kazaa is just one example of a technology that has
been attacked vigorously
by the RIAA, to the detriment of the Internet as a whole, IMO.


Glendon Gross