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[dvd-discuss]Reasonable or is it a Good Faith Belief ala DMCA

This afternoon my dial in internet connection was getting whacked by some KAZAA 
user ( mostly and his cronies there about). Presumably someone used 
my previous IP address for KAZAA activities. So what if the RIAA and MPAA 
suddenly discover that someone has been polling me using KAZAA and decides "if 
he's being asked for KAZAA info he must have some!" get Jack and the Internet 
Jackboots out there immediately. The facts are that I am not. My firewall has 
been rejecting the over 400 incoming packets. I got tired of the the whole 
thing and disconnected and reconnected. Now I only have had one Bozo's NETBIOS 

SO the question is what constitute or should a good faith belief under the 
DMCA. WE all know about DNS and all that and it's pretty obvious what's 
happened. SO it is unreasonable that given the KAZAA requests I have turned 
away that I am engaged in P2P but should ignorance by the RIAA and MPAA legal 
staff of technical matters constitute "good faith"?