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Re: [dvd-discuss]Reasonable or is it a Good Faith Belief ala DMCA

microlenz@earthlink.net wrote:


> Actually it should not be different for either. The MPAA and RIAA want to
> eliminate probably cause and reasonableness for "good faith" which really
> translates to technological totalitarianism. Also, if the "evidence" they

This point needs to be emphasized among the technologically illiterate. 
What the perpetrators
of such an intellectual hoax are not realizing is that they interfere
with innovation
and with the development of new technologies via their meddling.

For example... suppose I have the design to a superior quality consumer
music player....
why would I want to market it if I might be subjected to lawsuits, or to
imprisonment for
"enabling" some 3rd party to commit intellectual piracy?

Another result of this kind of legal meddling is that countries where
the government does not
interfere with the technology will quickly surpass the United States in
technology.  I have
already seen this happen with technology imported to the U.S.A. from the
Far East.  While
I'm not aware of the situation in the E.U. or in the land "down under",
my feeling is that
those governments are more cognizant of the hidden costs of IP
legislation than we 
are in the legislation-crazed U.S.A.   As a U.S. citizen I am disturbed
by my government's
ignorant policy of supporting the legal initiatives of large
corporations even when they
are clearly WRONG.  Let me quit before I get on my soapbox.  ;)


Glendon Gross

> gather is to be used for criminal prosecution in a court of law then it must
> pass all the requirements for evidence in a criminal case or this truly is the
> fruit from the poisoned tree.
> >
> > -marcia
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