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Re: [dvd-discuss] Public Domain Enhancement Bill

Stephen L Johnson wrote:

> I think it's going to very, very interesting on how this is going to
> play out in Congress. But I really wonder how the likes of Disney, et al
> are  going to react to this bill. Do they support it and try to earn
> some brownie points; say nothing, or fight it and show their true
> colors?

I think a case can be made that large holders of "valuable" IP could use
the PD bill to gain the best of both worlds.  Disney can again freely
borrow and slickly package (as no one does better) from the enlarged PD,
while at the same time defend their work for the full term.  This allows
them to reap the PD while using their deep pockets as a competitive and
market advantage.  Pointing out the various "Milne heir" issue they
could avoid might be a good hot button to push.

However, since it requires management to make ROI investment choices on
currently hoarded assets, I expect them to oppose it.  Perhaps linking
the PD enhancement bill to some corporate welfare (tax deductions or
credits) related to the "costs of non renewal" and "costs of renewal
would help.  

At the end of the day, a sleeping dog in a manger doesn't want to be
disturbed even for the straw he *isn't* using to make his bed. "I might
need that for a pillow later," he'll growl.