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Re: [dvd-discuss] Public Domain Enhancement Bill

Kurt Hockenbury wrote:

> If Disney were really smart, they would support it.  Not for brownie points,
> but for more public domain to pull from.
> Step one:   get this bill passed.
> Step two:   let the public start re-discovering 50+ year old stuff.
> Step three: when something in the new public domain starts gaining popularity,
>             make a Disney version.
> C.F. "The Secret Garden".

And adversaries in the copyright fight or not.  Nobody recycles,
packages, and markets "pre-owned" content better than Disney.  Think of
the number of traditional stories the culturally canonical form of which
is the Disney version.  

The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Peter Pan

I'd like to Lessig pitch it directly to Disney (with a list of
remarketable "abandonware").  Also deep pockets would allow Disney, et.
al. to consume omnivorously any smaller rights holding houses without
the ability to afford re-registry.  While this reduces the PD created in
the first round of registry, the result ROI "follow-up" meetings** would
cause careful examination for all subsequent years.  Also, any
investment in zombie-ware (the rights are still held clearly, but the
work isn't no longer in circulation) would tend to drive some attempt to
ressurect the zombie-ware by bringing it back into print or
distribution, or reinvention.  While not PD enhancing, it is an
improvement over the current situation.


**"We spend $X for rights Y... what did we make on it?"