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OT HH eBooks Re: [dvd-discuss] CTEA Protects What Copyrights?

"D. C. Sessions" wrote:
> On Thursday 06 February 2003 11:37, John Zulauf wrote:
> > (who has just devoured two of the free Honor Harrington novels reading
> > them on his Palm, and has discovered the less than user friendly
> > combination of "makeztxt" and "Weasel" to get Proj Gut. books also onto
> > the Palm)
> Score the hardcover, or make friends with someone who has.
> The CD included has *all* of them and 28 other books.

Only do so if you have lots of spare time scheduled.  The HH series is
as addictive as any I've mainlined^Wread.  I'm certainly willing to send
off a copy (at least some subset, depending on size) of the HH novels to
anybody who wants one.  Send email to me personal jzulauf(replace this
with the at sign)yahoo(and this is a dot)comspam(without the spam)


"But I don't like Spam!"