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Re: [dvd-discuss] CTEA Protects What Copyrights?

<sarcasm mode=ironic>You know the CTEA may be a good thing after all. 
The proscription of modern works might be saving us all from mental


(who has just devoured two of the free Honor Harrington novels reading
them on his Palm, and has discovered the less than user friendly
combination of "makeztxt" and "Weasel" to get Proj Gut. books also onto
the Palm)

BTW, the battery drain of a MobiPocket format novel appears to be about
33-50% per 400 page novel -- ow!

Michael A Rolenz wrote:
> Just a morbid thought here...
> Let's look at what ISN"T protected by copyright these days and was
> created under the old system...
> Einstein's Theory of Relativity (General and Special), Photoelectric
> effect, Brownian Motion - All of his seminal papers are in the Public
> Domain and Created using the Old system
> J.C.Maxwell's Treatise on Electromagnetics
> The works of Kant, Nietzche,Dewey, Schopenoer, Hume,
> The Lincoln Douglas Debates as edited by A. Lincoln.
> THe majority of the first hand accounts of the Civil War including the
> Century Series. Memoirs of Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Alexander
> The works of Dumas, Whitman, Melville, Poe, Twain, Crane, Longfellow,
> Browning, Tennyson,Shelley(s), Byron,Conan Doyle, Stoker
> The majority of the films of DW Griffith.
> The works of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Shubert, Schumann,
> Chopin,Strauss(es), Wagner, Debussy,
> IN comparison under the CTEA we find
> Disney spent lots of money to preserve Mickey Mouse and PoohBear.
> The estate of Dr Suess pleaded with the SCOTUS to save them from the
> Public Domain
> Poor Little Madeline may have had her appendix taken out but the
> estate also pleaded to the SCOTUS "Don't take Madeline away from us"
> Eddy Duchin's widow wants to keep her husbands work to herself so that
> when or if it finally does get into the public domain, nobody will
> even know or care who Eddy Duchin was. Ditto for Irving Berlin. Ditto
> for Tin Pan Alley. Ditto for the music of my parent and my grand
> parents.
> Quincy Jones never wants his works to enter the Public Domain....
> "Fifty may be nifty but 28 is great"