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RE: [dvd-discuss] CTEA Protects What Copyrights?

<shame for having to top post since I am using BLOATUS NOTUS>

Actually both top posting and the unix approach have advantages and disadvantages. The top posting actually follows something of a debating format with statement, rebuttal, comment, restatement, comment, rebuttal etc with the latest at the top. So for those sorts of discussions it's actually the right format.

But when one is making a detailed commentary or rebuttal point by point, the the unix format using ">" is preferred.

WHen the two get mixed it's a mess. Maybe somebody should write some perl scripts to sort it all out on the text files....don't waste you time using BLOATUS script

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... shouldn't your .sig be at the _top_ of your msgs? ;-)

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> On Thursday 06 February 2003 11:37, John Zulauf wrote:
> > (who has just devoured two of the free Honor Harrington
> novels reading
> > them on his Palm, and has discovered the less than user friendly
> > combination of "makeztxt" and "Weasel" to get Proj Gut.
> books also onto
> > the Palm)
> Score the hardcover, or make friends with someone who has.
> The CD included has *all* of them and 28 other books.
> Baen, bless 'em, have applied the "give your friends copies"
> license to the CD, so you can get one w/o the hardcover
> if you want to.
> All in plain HTML and RTF, by the way.
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