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Re: [dvd-discuss]Long Term Copyright just invites lawsuits

The CTEA testimony I think may be online at the senate or house of reps websites. The best discussion of it is in some of the Amicus briefs for Eldred. Several of them commented on the the testimony of Eddy Duchin's widow, the grandkids of Irving Berlin and Gershwin's estate. I

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02/05/2003 05:28 AM
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microlenz@earthlink.net wrote:
> True. All you need to read is the CTEA testimony

URL? Sounds like fun reading for the week-end. :)

> Oh but this is so much better than land....it's treading on thoughts.."Oh no it
> isn't" intones Justice Ginsberg, "there's always the expression/idea dichotomy"
> NOnsense....its the expression of the idea dissemination monopoly.

Well.. It used to be, before the media cartel landsharks started
sending nastygrams to anyone using a logo that might look like a
lizard on their web page and taking even remotely derivative works to

Oh sure, the courts tend to get it right most of the time. However,
the risk of a defeat and the costs of going to court is in itself a
significant barrier to fair use. I'm wondering what can be done to
remove or lower that barrier.