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RE: [dvd-discuss] clean flicks and moral rights

On 30 Jan 2003 at 10:03, Richard Hartman wrote:

Subject:        	RE: [dvd-discuss] clean flicks and moral rights
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> > From: John Zulauf [mailto:johnzu@ia.nsc.com]
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> > Whether or not that single offensive (in the eye of the 
> > beholder) is in
> > the mainstream of the authors other work is irrelevant.  Only the
> > assertion of "moral rights. In this post modern world where nothing is
> > held sacred, how anything could claim the right to censor a derivative
> > work on some moral "natural law" is beyond me.  
> It is particularly ironic when they are arguing on 
> the grounds of "moral rights" when what the are
> seeking to preserve is in itself (in the eyes of 
> the CleanFlicks customers) immoral in nature.

A germ of an argument....taken to extremes the CleanFlicks customers would have 
no entertainment unless the "market" restores clean films. So...if the 
cleanflicks has enough market impact to upset it they maybe congress should 
back off because they don't want to upset the economy <silent curses and 
vinifications spoken out loud>

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