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[dvd-discuss] [OT] Money-where-your-mouth-is department

D. C. Sessions writes:
 > That's it.  *Thirty-eight* freaking full books, including best
 > sellers, all in plain file formats with no monkey business,
 > and Baen *wants* people to 'pirate' it.  From the website, it's
 > because Baen has hard, cold, cash records proving that every
 > time they turn loose an electronic copy of a story the sales
 > go up, not only for that one but for others by the same author.
 > I *so* want Jim Baen to testify before Congress.

They might not listen.  Eric Flint, one of the authors whose books is
on the disk, and who was instrumental in setting up the Free Library
program, says that the Science Fiction Writers of America's own
"anti-piracy" leader is convinced the numbers are (for some utterly
mysterious reason) being faked: