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[dvd-discuss] [OT] Money-where-your-mouth-is department

This week I picked up a copy of David Weber's new Honor Harrington
story, _War_of_Honor_.  In the back there's this CD from Baen
Books.  On examination, it contains 38 plain-HTML books, including
all of the other books in the Honor Harrington univers, plus filk,
artwork, supplemental material, etc.

The T&C?  As printed on the CD, "This disk and its contents may
be copied and shared but NOT sold."

That's it.  *Thirty-eight* freaking full books, including best
sellers, all in plain file formats with no monkey business,
and Baen *wants* people to 'pirate' it.  From the website, it's
because Baen has hard, cold, cash records proving that every
time they turn loose an electronic copy of a story the sales
go up, not only for that one but for others by the same author.

I *so* want Jim Baen to testify before Congress.

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