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Re: [dvd-discuss] The next step in the Balkanization of DVD-R media

On Thursday, October 10, 2002, at 02:10  PM, Seth Johnson wrote:
> Jeremy Erwin wrote:
>> I must have read and reread that piece of schlock three times.
>> Still, I can't understand the difference between DVD-R, DVD+R,
>> DVD for Authoring, DVD General, and what most PC users know is
>> DVD-R. I suspect that such documents are bandied about by PR
>> representatives of the various cartel members, as a means of
>> saying, "See, we're not a cartel. We're marketing to each
>> other in public. Here, you can see these pamphlets..."
> It creates two classes of information citizens:
> "professionals" and "consumers."

Oh yes. I get that point. The problem with this propaganda is that it's 
none too clear on the details --(I suspect that the're labeled 
"Exceptionally secret confidential information).
Are owners of existing DVD-R drives now professionals?
Will new new DVD-R drives from computers be labeled Professional of 
Slacker? etc, etc.

They seem to be intent on creating a format war. Perhaps they liked the 
thrill of battle from the DVD-R/DVD+R debacle.