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Re: [dvd-discuss] The next step in the Balkanization of DVD-R media

On 10/10/02 at 14:10, 'twas brillig and Seth Johnson scrobe:
> Most salient passage:
> Two Formats for Two Markets: Professional and Consumer 
> To support consumer applications for DVD­R, the DVD Forum
> determined that another  type of DVD­R media was necessary.
> The newest member of the DVD­R family uses a  recording
> wavelength of 650nm, and discs are recorded on different
> drives than the  existing 635nm format. This new format is
> called ``DVD­R for General'', because it is  aimed at a
> broad base of applications. Meanwhile, the existing 635nm
> format has been renamed ``DVD­R for Authoring'' to reflect
> its use in professional applications.  Why are there two
> formats? The key reason for the introduction of DVD­R for
> General  media is that it contains content protection
> measures that make it physically impossible to  make
> bit­for­bit copies of CSS encrypted entertainment titles.

	Anyone have any speculations on what such "measures" could be
incorporated into the *format*? The previous spec already contained
preburnt CSS key areas.. 

	Are we missing something? (The above would appear to imply
that, with the "DVD-R for Authoring" discs with which we're already
familiar, it *is* possible to burn a bit-for-bit copy of a
CSS-obfuscated disc.)

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