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Re: [dvd-discuss] The next step in the Balkanization of DVD-R media

Jeremy Erwin wrote:
> I must have read and reread that piece of schlock three times.
> Still, I can't understand the difference between DVD-R, DVD+R,
> DVD for Authoring, DVD General, and what most PC users know is
> DVD-R. I suspect that such documents are bandied about by PR
> representatives of the various cartel members, as a means of
> saying, "See, we're not a cartel. We're marketing to each
> other in public. Here, you can see these pamphlets..."

It creates two classes of information citizens:
"professionals" and "consumers."

Most salient passage:

Two Formats for Two Markets: Professional and Consumer 

To support consumer applications for DVD­R, the DVD Forum
determined that another  type of DVD­R media was necessary.
The newest member of the DVD­R family uses a  recording
wavelength of 650nm, and discs are recorded on different
drives than the  existing 635nm format. This new format is
called ``DVD­R for General'', because it is  aimed at a
broad base of applications. Meanwhile, the existing 635nm
format has been renamed ``DVD­R for Authoring'' to reflect
its use in professional applications.  Why are there two
formats? The key reason for the introduction of DVD­R for
General  media is that it contains content protection
measures that make it physically impossible to  make
bit­for­bit copies of CSS encrypted entertainment titles.


DRM is Theft!  We are the Stakeholders!

New Yorkers for Fair Use

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