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Re: [dvd-discuss] Geeks in government: A good idea?

On 18 Aug 2002 at 22:18, Tom wrote:

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> On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 01:10:01PM -0700, microlenz@earthlink.net wrote:
> > > > neither in California, but on the internet. If you have 15000 download
> > > > locations, what does the opinion of a NY court matter?
> > 
> > Only if the civil disobedience is massive-not ones or twos or thousands but
> > millions-in the USA alone. Hundreds of millions worldwide.
> So? If the P2P networks aren't exactly that, what is?

The potential for that...the question as Declan points out is if the software 
is available but more than that the knowledge. The suppression of P2P is less 
important than the fact that the knowledge of P2P is being suppressed.

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