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Re: [dvd-discuss] Geeks in government: A good idea?

On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 08:06:44PM +0200, Lars Gaarden (larsg@eurorights.org) wrote:
> A technological measure is only protected by law if it protects the
> rightholder's rights according to copyright.

From EUCD Article 6(3):
"... which are not authorised by the rightholder of any copyright or any
right related to copyright as provided for by law ...".

> ..but I digress. With the batting average of the courts so far, we will
> probably see the copyright police marching in the streets of Europe
> hunting down region free players early next year.

They'll kick off the festivities by prosecuting Santa Claus. Surely
someone will wish for a Region Free DVD player this year.
> At the EU level, you don't really have a constitution. You have the
> treaties that EU is founded on, and you have the European Convention
> on Human Rights.

Seeing as how Norway has lost several Article 10 violation cases in the
last few years, our best bet is probably to pack our code and head for
Strasbourg :-)

Jon Johansen


MR. LEVY:  I'm sorry, your Honor. I actually have a technology expert
  with me. Would the Court like to or would they agree to hear a very
  brief statement on this point from that expert?
THE COURT: No.    -- MPAA v. Reimerdes injunction hearing, 2000/01/21