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Re: [dvd-discuss] Geeks in government: A good idea?

Tom wrote:
> effect. And on .mp3 trading, viewed seperately or in conjunction, the
> demise of Napster had no effect at all. Rather on the contrary, P2P is
> now much stronger than it ever was while Napster was still something
> besides a RIAA zombie.

I see your point.

However, with both RIAA and laws hostile to P2P in general the effect
on the P2P market has been quite noticeable. No venture capitalist
wants to be within five miles of a P2P start-up unless they can make
sure that it is impossible to use the product to perform copyright

That is, the general hacker out there is still pretty much free to
do whatever he wants but the people and companies that take the
ideas the hackers create and add polish and try to push it to the
general public is scared away.

How many commercial Linux distros include one of the free DVD